Mind Switch (Original Mix)

September 3, 2020
Fin & Stanley / Michael Ritter

“Mind Switch”
by Berlin based producer

Michael Ritter and the duo Fin & Stanley from Hamburg is coming out on Suprematic Sounds on September 3rd 🙏🏽 A heavy beat, hypnotizing synthesizer melodies and dark vocals are characterizing the track, making it fitting for melodic techno sets of the harder kind 🔊🎶 The 3 friends collaborated to create something entirely new, unusual to their prior productions, which worked very well 😊
So switch off your mind, and enjoy “Mind Switch” 🕺🏽💃🏽

Michael Ritter is an artist based in Berlin, Germany. He has played mainly in Barcelona with DJs such as Kenny Larkin, Rene, Alex Mullen, Anika Kunst, and many more. From a very young age Michael took his first steps in electronic music in Berlin where he began his musical journey. From learning the cello since a very young age he later starting getting interested in more electronic sounds and instruments and then started to DJ in mainstream clubs in Berlin at the age of 15 already. Only in 2016 he started to produce and play electronic music in the genre of melodic techno, but also tech house and minimal. Establishing his own record label “Grey Bar Hotel” with a colleague in the summer of 2018, they hosted several showcases inviting DJs such as FreedomB or Martin Ka, that have played in the top Berlin night clubs such as Kater Blau and Sisyphos. During his time in Barcelona, he became a temporary resident DJ during his studies in a beach club called Ethniko. He shared the DJ booth with DJs such as Kenny Larkin, Rene, Alex Mullen, Anika Kunst, Lexlay, Premiesku and many more. With sets and releases ranging through different genres of electronic music, deep house is his passion and will always be the recurring theme in his artist career.