December 14, 2020
Fin & Stanley / Michael Ritter
LABEL: Mirror Walk
Producer: Fin & Stanley / Michael Ritter

Today we would like to introduce you to the label where we released “One more Word” ☺️ It is a very promising and above all passionate label where we had a good feeling from the beginning.

Mirror Walk

describes itself as the reflection of the unstoppable circular rhythm of life. Life flows in rhythm, and you are the melody that accompanies you.
We are happy that we have released the EP with Barış Göğüş from Mirror Walk and we also thank

Michael Ritter

for the recommendation and the great remix 🙏🏼😘
Beatport top 100 Releases Info:
Tech House: Place 26 😎🥳🎉
Afro House: Place 5 🥳🤩🙏🏼
Link to EP 👉🏼

2020 has been so tough and a hard year. Djs, electronic music producers and nightlife have been negatively affected by this Covid-19 Pandemia.
In this period, We as the Mirror Walk Team have made our audience get in aural touch with talented electronic music producers. We have taken place in the most booming labels of 2020 with ”Hools – Volatilus EP” which was the number one on Beatport overall Releases Top Ten and Melodic House and Techno Releases Charts. We have left a succesful year behind with our artists who gained various degrees at Melodic House and Techno and Progressive House genres on Beatport Top 100 Charts.In our first anniversary, we have compiled an album which is made up of the most popular tracks of our best selling 18 artists. Mirror Walk family has just started to walk and been at the very beginning of this journey. And we would love to thank all our team, artists, audience and the top, leading djs and artists of electronic music scene who have supported us so far. We are deeply grateful and appreciate for all.